Master Key Experience Week 23

Powerful lesson this week!

Concentrate on the fact that man is not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body, and that it is for this reason that his desires are incapable of any permanent satisfaction in anything not spiritual.

Money is therefore of no value except to bring about the conditions which we desire, and these conditions are necessarily harmonious.  Harmonious conditions necessitate sufficient supply, so that if there appears to be any lack, we should realize that the idea or soul of money is service, and as this thought takes form, channels of supply will be opened, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that spiritual methods are entirely practical.

The first law of success is SERVICE.

Our greatest success can be achieved by a recognition of the fact that it is just as essential to give as to receive.

It is the only principle which is ever used, or ever can be used; there is no other principle.  The fact that it may be used unconsciously does not alter the situation.

The fact is that success is an effect, not a cause, and if we wish to secure the effect we must ascertain the cause, or idea or thought by which the effect is created.

Our thoughts are therefore the cause of our effects.

Money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; the law of success is service; we get what we give; and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.

Thought is the creative activity behind every constructive enterprise.  We can therefore give nothing of more practical value than our thought.

Creative thought requires attention, and the power of attention is the weapon of the Super-man.  Attention develps concentration, and concentration develops Spiritual Power, and Spiritual Power is the mightiest force in existence“May the force be with you” – sound familiar??

This is the science which embraces all sciences.  It is the art which, above all arts, is relevant to human life.  In the mastery of this science and this art there is opportunity for unending progression.  Perfection in this is not acquired in six days, nor in six weeks, not in six months.  It is the labor of life.  Not to go forward is to go backward.

It is inevitable that the entertainment of positive, constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far-reaching effect for good.  Compensation is the keynote of the universe.  Nature is constantly seeking to strike an equilibrium.  Where something is sent out something must be received, else there should be a vacuum formed.

By observance of this rule you cannot fail to profit in such measure as to amply justify your effort along the line.


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