Master Key Experience Week 18

Focus, concentrate, images, thoughts, desires, energy, “I can be what I will to be”.

This week, I will let the key words and images speak for me.

Key words: Thought (dynamic) – creative – Universal (static) source energy & substance – individual is channel for distribution – law of attraction – abundance

Power – attention – interest – insight – perception – physical needs air to breathe, spiritual needs seed to be sown – causation.

There is no thought in my mind but it quickly tends to convert itself into a power and organizes a huge instrumentality of means.


The Indian Flag fully embraces life – every person’s quest for their Dharma.

How do I extend the miracle of my birth into every day?  I am made first class by first class and when I do a first class job for other people with gratitude and kindness – mission accomplished!

The way to happiness is to free your heart from hate, mind from worry, live simply, expect little give much, fill life with love, scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others with gratitude and kindness.



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