Master Key Experience Week 16

In 1916, according to Charles Haanel in the master key, part sixteen, “there are many who think that the world is just bout to pass out of the sixth period; that it will soon enter into the seventh period…”

In 2018, according to my calculations, the world we live in is smack dab in the middle of the seventh period of the Septimal Law – the period of readjustment, reconstruction and harmony.

What a revelation!

Where do you stand right now at your current age?


“And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy…”— Genesis 2: 2

In a survey of the world’s favorite number, 7 was rated the highest. No surprise, right?

Being the world’s favorite number, people haven’t begun to truly understand how this powerful number operates in all of their life. So mystical that God used it in the 7 day creation plan and to this day, humanity operates on this 7 day week schedule. For most, this is just a number, but it’s not. It’s a law.

The Septimal Law (also known as the Law of Sevens or Law of Periodicity)  states that the progression of life goes in 7 cycles. Every 7 years you enter into a new life cycle. Biology (and Stanford School of Medicine) states that every single cell in your skeleton regenerates every 7 years. This means that you, biologically, are a brand new person every 7 years! The beauty of knowing this is that you can consciously become who you want /choose to be while still being in alignment with the law.

Each 7 year cycle has its own characteristics. Often times when sudden or overwhelming difficulties may appear in life, knowing this law can be helpful. For some, it may not be important for you to know about this, life can be swell for you because you are naturally readjusting and growing when life experiences call you to do so. In any case, after some research, here’s a theory on how it goes:

TRAONAH’S 7 YEAR LIFE CYCLE THEORY 1st Phase: Physical – There is a focus on securing a home, possessions, family, good reputation, friends and to be apart of a community.

0-7 Infancy: Newness and discovery.

7-14 Childhood: Activity and vigorous development.

14-21 Adolescence: Education, ethics and heighten sexuality.

21-28 Full Growth: Labor and struggle. Self-nurturing needed.

28-35 Construction: Responsibility increases, acquire property, possessions, home, family.

35-42 Deconstruction: Reactions and changes. Dependency of love, friends and parents to get us through.

42-49 Reconstruction: Adjustment and recuperation. A period of rest with some lingering effects of the Deconstruction cycle. Foundation for a new career.

2nd Phase: Spiritual – There is decline in earthly pursuits and increasing interest in wisdom and higher ways of living.

49-56 Rebirth: Weak but favorable cycle. New Beginnings and rediscovery.

56-63 Childhood: Successful cycle. Activity, domesticity, power and possibilities.

63-70 Adolescence: Wisdom, introspection, and passion.

70-77 Full Growth: Care and abundant rest is needed. Connection and communication.

77-84 Construction: Care and abundant rest is needed. Living by solid foundations.

84-91 Deconstruction: Friendships and love are important in this cycle.

91-98 Reconstruction: Rich in life experiences this cycle is a preparation for the divine realm.

The Septimal Law is a universal law. When we go against any law, life is simply harder. By knowing where you are in your life cycle, you can mentally, emotionally and physically prepare and/or re-adjust to a natural and more easier way of living.

— Note: Nature shows us the Septimal Law in:  7 Chakras,  7 musical notes, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 days for skin to completely regenerate, 7 days for each phase of the moon, etc. —

Food for thought for each of us.


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