Master Key Experience Week 8

Feeling just a smidgeon of relief.  Got all old blog comments, visits and likes finished.

Dream board and Movie posters are done.  Photographing and sending to Davene.

Made a 15.25 minute recording with week 8 thoughts from Master Key Experience using background music – “Sonata Bach’s Lunch” by Mannheim Steamroller.  My 8.37 minute recording for week 7 used background music – “A Winter’s Day”, also by Mannheim Steamroller.

Amazing how music adds to the listening experience.  Wow!  That’s just like the movies.  The music blends in, tempo changes with the story, and we have a popular film.

Now, time to take that battleship down to it’s nuts and bolts!


9 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 8

    1. It was so interesting to see that music is one of the seven methods of inputting into our subby. Reminds me that all movies have background music set to enhance and blend into the story. Really different to hear your own voice though, isn’t it?


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