Master Key Experience Week 6

Day late and a dollar short.  Usually do my blog on Wednesday.  Behind just a little bit this week.

Still excited to be on the MKMMA journey!

Still working on getting more feeling and emotion into my 400 word DMP.  Really difficult for a ‘white color code’ analytical person.  Steve wants it by the weekend, so looks like another long night tonight.

Guess I will be like a Super Mind Reader when I learn how to keep every detail of my chosen photograph in my memory.  Don’t have a photographic memory like my son, Jerry.  Still working on this.  The thought process gets more insightful and powerful each week.

Still making minute changes to my Press Releases.

Still working on setting up my Dream Board.  Got a lot of inspirational words and images cut out and laying on the board.  Got to sleep on it and see what arrangement ‘subby’ suggests in the morning.

Still working on linking shapes and colors to my future self.  That is going to be the greatest “AH HA moment”.  I am patiently waiting for that revelation.  Mark had it in Week 3, hopefully it will come to me before Week 26.

Wishing the best to you, my fellow MKMMA members.  May we all enrich our lives on this journey to becoming the wonderful person God intends us to be.




10 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 6

  1. Sounds like you are having fun with it. I really enjoyed writing the press release but I am so far behind with the dream board and poster. But I will keep at it and make the time over the next week!!


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