Master Key Experience Week 5

Things are really starting to roll now.

Getting the blog thing a little better – took over 2 hours to figure out how to get my Press Release on the Menu Bar and get it posted.  Can now say “Been there, done that”.

That press release bears little resemblance to my DMP, but is from the heart.

Emerson’s Law of Compensation is an interesting read – got to do it over and over to thoroughly understand all of it.

Still trying to decide on a SERVICE that will advance one of my DMP SMART goals.

Got to figure out how to start Tweeting and test drive the 2 websites mentioned in the Workbook.

Almost ready for week 6.


10 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 5

  1. I’m looking forward to reading the Emerson; I haven’t managed to make time for it. I listened to the audio of it (LibriVox has it free) a couple of times tonight so that I’m primed with the subject matter. Keep it up!


    1. I will add you to my Twitter as soon as I figure out how to do more. Got a few pointers from Mark’s Monday webinar, but went way too fast for me to comprehend most of it. Have had a twitter account for a long time, just haven’t been active before now.


  2. Jack… just reading your whole Blog. I totally appreciate your honesty, and the share in the struggle to get it all done on time every week. I am not there yet… but I am Really In It nonetheless… as it feels you are too! I recorded Og and Blue Print Builder and DMP in my own voice on my phone… and it is all I listen to when I am driving multiple times a day. And a couple times when I’m exercising too. So now I am hearing it More than required each day. WOO HOO! VICTORY! . Things started flowing for me also when I allowed myself to drop “helping others” and “spiritual growth” PPNs, 2 things I have felt I always have No Choice About…they have always been Have To’s and will continue to be…they are parts of my fiber and my career as a Psychologist… and they are highly pleasurable, and aren’t going anywhere. But things Really started to flow for me too…when I changed to Legacy and True Health… in the DMP. It is almost 100% complete. Will post it when I get the final word. Would love to hear your DMP too, if thats not too personal…. as we share PPNs. Either way, happy to be on this Journey With You. -Greta


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