Master Key Experience Week 4

Things starting to jell.  DMP revisions painful.  Changing one of my PPN’s this week.  Quiet time subby said so.  Yeah!!!

Now, got to get better at shapes and colors, especially linking to Service, DMP and Giving & Receiving index cards.

Blogs – never done, getting into the flow slowly but surely.

Finally feel like I might be able to catch up.

Depends on whether my latest DMP has the proper emotion, feeling and time considerations.

Still have to find a service to do before October 29, then put a yellow square next to it.  Hopefully tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 4

  1. Jack, our tribe has been really active on Marco Polo offering tips with the colors/shapes. Notice pine trees or triangular leaves for your green triangles…traffic lights and brake lights for your red circles. The tops of the recycle bins in my town are yellow squares. Keep rockin!


  2. Jack, I am glad that things are starting to set for you! Good job listening to the world within telling you what we really need to be working on. I have been battling a PPN revision myself this week, I was positive I knew what they were, but again we cannot tell subby how it is to happen, that is the universes choice in figuring out the path. -Peace be the Journey


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