Master Key Experience Week 3

Still learning, trying to remember shapes and colors.  They are everywhere.

Changed DMP to better build that bridge to the new me.

Still fussing over PPN’s and decided I made the right choice.  Just got to get more emotion into it.  Plan to work on that tomorrow and submit revised DMP before Sunday.

Met some of our team members on Steve Earl’s Zoom Meeting last night.  Enjoyed the enthusiasm and experiences each of us had to offer.  Looking forward to the next call with Steve, Marsha, David, Arien and Theresa.  Hope all of the team can participate then.

Week 4 is coming up and that is when we understand and see everything coming together!  Our real AH HA moment!



10 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 3

  1. Jack good to meet you on the zoom call with Steve. We share a similar background in the financial world. I’ve become a feeling guy but have had to allow it to happen. it’s not so easy.


    1. Hello David. It’s hard for me to explain what, if any, my feelings are, and I don’t get too emotional (unless a tear jerker movie). Good to know you have a financial background as well.
      See you on the next zoom call with Steve.


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