Master Key Experience Week 2

Week 1 was an eye-opener and got me started with disciplining myself again.

Week 2 has helped me improve my DMP by inserting emotion.  I have not been a person to experience emotional ups and downs.  Have been fairly steady that way.  As a result, it have been extremely difficult to be able to tell myself or anyone else how I feel, or what my feelings are.

This MKMMA experience is starting to bring that out as I strive to become the better person I know I can be.

The PPN is a good start.  Mine are Liberty and Helping Others.

I have visited 3 other blogs and that is helping me establish how I can bring my thoughts out on this blog.


4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 2

  1. Week 2 DONE!!!
    Jack, you were very honest. I do hope you can grasp this opportunity and push the old blueprint to the side to gain what I think is going to be life changing.
    Looking forward to reading your Week 3, and learning more about you with your “about me” page.


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